Saturday, January 16, 2010

Okay, I'm blogging

It's one of those blue-sky January days, designed for hope. Who can doubt that winter will pass, that spring will come? The days are already lasting longer, sunset hesitating before giving way to the gloaming, though the nights are just as sharply dark now as they were in December and will be until...oh, July?

Perhaps this environmental optimism explains why I've decided, at last, to create a blog with my very own name as its title? Though it's also possible that I've realized it's time to put some work out there and let people read that work in whatever form of "completion" it takes. I guess blogging is akin to thinking aloud on the page, to working in public like the glass-blowers practicing their art before the crucible at the Sandwich Glass Museum or that guy who makes those amazing 3-D sidewalk chalk drawings. Why not risk revealing the mistakes I make in my writing, and the just-right choices, too?

So, here I am. Blogging.


Anonymous said...

Hey there, Elizabeth,that's pretty good stuff because, well, I'm responding to a blog for the first time. And I like your courage - your stance of just throwing it out there, just blowing glass. Good luck and good night. Keep tappping away, my friend!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving your blog and I love the name. I look forward to reading your pieces here and seeing the your blog evolve.

Sending good, strong writing thoughts your way.


Anonymous said...

So January 16th will always now be the official birth of a new chapter... Happy Blogday, E!

El Mullen

Kate Dardine said...

Yay for the blogging of Elizabeth. It's kind of like my painting a day. Forces you to put something down and move on. I look forward to reading!

klicastri said...

You're my super hero. I love reading your entries, whether on FaceBook, or your blog. You have a talent & you're so at home in the written realm. I'm always glad to have tuned in.
The best.