Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Poll

Here's something I've been wondering: would you all hate it if there were ads on this blog? Would an attempt to "monetize" these random musings of mine offend you, would that cheapen the process?

Because, honestly, I've been thinking about it. But I thought I'd ask. So, let me know:

__ Yes, ads would destroy the purity of this endeavor to blow glass in public

__ No, I wouldn't mind because (a) I could ignore the ads and/or (b) what the heck, why not earn some money from your writing?

__ Really? You think I pay that much attention to your blog?



Richard Howe said...

Yes, ads would destroy the purity etc., but: no … why not earn some money? I'm asking myself the same questions now that, on your example, Liz, I've started to blog myself. Really? I do look at your blog everyday.

I suppose (?) that one can have the ads, see how it goes, then take them off if it's not worthwhile, too disgusting, etc.

Donna said...

Option 3.
Really, do you think I pay that much attention to your writing?
No. Actually, I do!! Having ads wouldn't bother me .... I'm here for the words.
I just want to ramble ... whatever works for you.

Laura Fedele said...

I will tell you that it takes a *lot* of traffic to make a *little* money, but that said, the Google AdSense thing is pretty easy to set up, and it wouldn't bother me...

Ioanna Opidee said...

I think finding ways to monetize quality content is crucial (even if they are just ramblings...because, what thoughtful ramblings!), so go for it!

wardo said...

Advertise anything you want here, as long as you keep writing.

Donna said...

Looks like all those who responded to you know what is most important ... the words, Elizabeth, the words.