Sunday, May 22, 2011

Google Self

Once in a while I conduct a Google search of "Elizabeth Hilts," just to see what I've been doing. Normally I find a link to this blog, a number of links to the Amazon pages for my books (here's my Amazon author page), LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Tonight I found links to a Dr. Helen Hilts in Scottsdale, AZ whose middle name is Elizabeth and the obituary of Elizabeth W. Hilts. Frankly, that was a little unsettling (even more unsettling to learn that she had a daughter-in-law with the same name as one of my sisters-in-law).

Then I read the obituary and I felt better. This other Elizabeth Hilts seems to have had a good life: a family and friends who loved and admired her, she accomplished things, and had community connections.

I have to admit that, even though I took an active role in the snark about this whole Rapture non-event, I have been reflecting on the quality of life—just in case the world did end, how would I be judged by the Universe? My hope is that my efforts to live as authentically as I can—to be as kind as I am able, to act out of love as much as I possibly can, to bear witness and support the people I care about—would be recognized and my frequent failures would be forgiven (or, at least, understood). I guess what I really hope is that, like the late Elizabeth W. Hilts, I would be remembered kindly.

Now that we know that the world continues, what are you hoping for going forward?


tinawrites said...

I always hope to be a better me, the only person I can ever be. I think to be honored with a loving family and friends, co-workers and peers who see us as authentic and caring, makes all the difference in a live well lived rather than in a life lived.

Erin said...

I hope to continue to keep working hard writing. I hope to keep being an authentic Erin. I hope to get married and have children. I hope to go on a lot of vacations. I hope my friends and family stay healthy. I hope everyone has a little hope.

Elizabeth Hilts said...

Beautiful Tina and Erin.
Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

I hope to continue to make decisions and take actions in my life that are true to myself. To continue to support my son in doing the same as an independent, empathetic young man. To feed my appetite to satisfy my curiosities and therefore maintain my willingness to explore - no matter how unfamiliar the adventure may be.

Elizabeth Hilts said...

Yeah, Karen. Yeah.