Tuesday, May 17, 2011


My friend Phil Lemos finished the first draft of his novel yesterday. In blogging about it he wrote something that touched me deeply (for reasons both obvious and not-so-very-obvious):

"I may never get this puppy published. But at least when I'm on my deathbed I'll be able to say I wrote a novel."

To start something is easy. To prevail to the end (even if it's only the first end) is, I think, heroic when the only "reward" of which one can be certain is that the work will matter just because the work has happened.

Bravo, Phil. "Bravo!" to all of my writer friends who have finished the things they have started. And "Bravo!" to all who are still making the work happen (which is, as you all know, each and every one of us).

Check out his post here. And tell him I sent you.


Phil said...

I'm not sure words can even describe how touched and flattered I am by your blog. Thanks. I'm a huge Hilts fan!

tinawrites said...

Perfectly said; gives inspiration and insight to those of us who need it most...and those who don't, a pat on the back.

Either way, you sparkle - and not due to any rapture but your own true life.

Once again, I'm in awe.

Elizabeth Hilts said...

Your words touched me (and you know I'm a Phil Lemos fan), so thank you!

Elizabeth Hilts said...

Tina, I think we all need a little inspiration every day, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Go Phil!

El Mullen said...

I can attest to how easy it is to start something and how hard it is to see it through. Congrats, Phil, and to all of you who make it through to the end.