Saturday, September 3, 2011

Simple Magic

I took care of my grandson for most of today. This was our first time spending an extended period of time together and though I was a little nervous about diapers (I haven't changed a diaper in nearly two decades and I've never dealt with a boy and all that entails) I think we did just fine with that. Bottles happened, burping happened, sleeping happened. I drove him in the car for the first time, a friend came by for lunch, the dogs and cats played their usual territorial games, and everyone survived.

At one point he was in his seat and began to stir in what seemed a meaningful way. I peered down at him, asked him how he was doing. He smiled at me—a purposeful smile, a smile of recognition, a smile that, for the first time, reached his eyes. And I fell even more deeply in love with him.

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Erin said...

sounds like a great day.